Swimming Pool Remodeling in Fort Lauderdale

swimming pool remodeling in fort lauderdale pool resurfacing pool renovations

​swimming pool remodeling in fort lauderdale


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Swimming Pool Remodeling & Patio Restoration

Pool Re-Surfacing with SGM Diamond Brite or Florida Gem

All About Pools is a Factory Trained applicator and authorized to offer the appropriate warranty.  There is more to a great pool finish than meets the eye.  A great pool finish is durable, comfortable, easily maintained and enhances your poolscape environment.  Diamond Brite & Florida Gem is all that and more.  They combine natural quartz aggregate, polymer modified cement and non-fading Diamond quartz in a stunning variety of colors.  The result is a unique finish that stands up to the harshest pool environments while providing years of enjoyment so you can enjoy your pool life! 

pool resurfacing in Fort Lauderdale

Pool Repair

Tile & Coping Replacement

Older pools frequently display signs of age. One sign is the breaking or cracking of tiles.The same exposure to the Florida elements that causes tile breakage also causes the cracks in the pool coping. While small patches of tile can be repaired or replaced, owners often decide to take the opportunity to update the look and feel of the pool. All About Pools can show you a wide variety of tile colors and styles, as well as coping options such as pre-cast concrete, bullnose brick and flagstone.


Deck Resurfacing & Pool Renovations
The elements also take their toll on the decking. New options are available to "dress up" your decking, including: embossed concrete, exposed aggregate, tile, acrylic, brick pavers, and natural stone masonry. Once again, All About Pools can help you choose the surface material that will best suit your needs.

Concrete and Structural Repairs
Once a pool's walls or deck presents signs of deterioration, it's vital to repair the damage before the integrity of the structure is compromised. There are several methods and materials available, and it's a simple matter to find the appropriate treatment for your pool.

Depth Conversion
Today, pool owners are no longer limited to the original depth of their pools; depth can be added or eliminated as desired to create the perfect swimming experience for your lifestyle

Pump & Filter Upgrades
The best time to upgrade pool equipment is during a renovation. The pool is already out of service and the new equipment can easily be installed as other work is being performed. New equipment and upgrades are recommended if you are adding features such as a spa, waterfall or heater because of the increased demand of performance and energy.

In many cases, older pools are not equipped with pumps and filters that meet today's standards. The high performance pumps and filters available today are engineered to operate at peak efficiency with minimal energy demands. They are designed to withstand the constant exposure, both to chemicals and the elements, and require minimal maintenance.

Heaters & Heat Pumps
Although the Florida swimming season may seem to last forever, a pool heater extends the season year-round. Today's heating units are surprisingly affordable, and are engineered with durability and efficiency in mind.

These state-of-the-art heating units quickly generate and transfer an appropriate level of heat to the water to create a comforting swimming environment. We can will help you to select the heating unit that best meets your needs and budget. For considerably less that one dollar a day, a new heater can breathe new life into your pool.

Lighting Systems
Pool lighting serves two purposes: it increases the safety of your pool after dark, and it adds a certain beauty to the aquatic environment. Modern lighting products and systems are one of the simplest ways to effect a dramatic transformation. Lighting systems can also be automated, increasing the convenience of this important safety feature.


Standard incandescent and halogen quartz pool lights are available and easily replaced. These have been a staple in pools and spas for years.
If traditional lighting seems bland and you're ready for something new, think about color changing LED. New and dramatic lighting involves the blending of landscape lighting and pool lighting to create a unique and colorful mood.

Automatic Cleaners & Salt Chlorine Generator
Once your pool is returned to service, it's important to protect your investment by keeping it clean. The surfaces and equipment will better stand the test of time if simple pool maintenance is observed. An automatic pool cleaner is a convenient, efficient means to that end. We'd be happy to recommend a quality brand that will save you money in the long run.

Automated Controls
There are several reasons to consider installing or upgrading automated controls for your pool and spa.

The systems are user-friendly and simple to operate no matter what kind of pool, spa or combination you have.

Today's automated systems extend the life of pool equipment and surfaces. Automation ensures ideal operation time of equipment ~ it's programmed to run all pertinent systems for the optimal period of time for your pool.
The systems reduce energy costs by allowing you to take advantage of "off peak" energy consumption rates. The savings are also realized by ensuring that your equipment runs only for the optimal period of time.
Automated systems provide a new level of convenience! Lighting, water features (such as waterfalls), heater, cleaners, and circulation - in fact, up to seven functions - can all be controlled and programmed from inside your home or your I Phone  or android device

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